The Polish Ambassador (Potocki) to the Secretary of State 71


Sir: Acting upon instructions of my Government I have the honor to communicate to you the following:

[Page 208]

The Government of the U. S. S. R. has recently annexed the territories of three Baltic States. This annexation also embraces the territory of Wilno which already in September, 1939, had been illegally occupied by the Soviet troops and in October, 1939, ceded to the Lithuanian Government, and at the present time reoccupied by the Soviet troops simultaneously with the rest of the Lithuanian territory.

The Polish Government file a solemn protest against this new violation of international law by the U. S. S. R., and formally reserve all their rights in relation to the territories of the Republic of Poland occupied by the Soviet troops in September, 1939, as well as at the present time. The act of violence performed by the U. S. S. R. does not entitle them to any rights to the territories thus occupied and the Polish Government reserve for themselves the right to claim at the opportune time reparations from the Soviet Government for all the damages already caused by the Soviet occupation and which may be perpetrated to the detriment of Poland and her citizens.

Accept [etc.]

  1. Acting Secretary of State Welles acknowledged the receipt of this communication in his note of August 6, 1940.