The Yugoslav Minister ( Fotitch ) to the Secretary of State

Excellency: Acting on instructions of my Government I have the honor to inform Your Excellency that the Royal Government contemplates purchasing in the United States certain military equipment and ammunition.

Before undertaking the negotiations with the individual companies in the United States, the Royal Government are desirous to know if the corresponding export licenses will be issued for the material purchased and ordered. In connection with the contemplated purchase, may I be permitted to assure Your Excellency that this material will be strictly and entirely for the use of the Yugoslav Army.

The material to be purchased is as follows: 30 howitzer batteries; 30 anti-aircraft batteries; 84 tanks of 10–12 tons; 400 anti-tank guns with 400.000 shells; 140 pursuit planes; 140 bombing planes; 420 aeroplane reserve motors; unspecified number of armored cars; 54 light tanks; 15 mobile ground service for airfields; unspecified number of trucks, military automobiles and motorcycles.

Accept [etc.]

Constantin Fotitch