Memorandum of Conversation, by the Chief of the Division of European Affairs (Moffat)

Mr. Truelle, Counselor of the French Embassy, telephoned to say that the Ambassador was in receipt of a telegram from the Friends of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade protesting against the detention in refugee camps of some sixty American volunteers from Spain. He asked if I knew the organization. I replied yes, that they had assumed charge of the repatriation of the American volunteers. Naturally these men having enlisted against the policies of this Government, we could do nothing to repatriate them. The Friends had taken over this work and done a good job. Furthermore, I said that while I understood the confusion that must exist along the border, nevertheless the sooner these men were returned the better it would be. There was always the risk of incidents, recrimination, and publicity while they remained abroad. He said he would recommend that his government do something about it.

Pierrepont Moffat