852.2221/1446: Telegram

The Consul at Vigo ( Graves ) to the Secretary of State

157. Increasing difficulty is being experienced in obtaining release from military service of bona fide American citizens. Local military authorities state that they have now been instructed that persons basing foreign citizenship on naturalization must submit evidence that they or their parents had permission from the Spanish Government to expatriate themselves. This provision is stated to be retroactive. There are two cases involving such acquired citizenship now pending and repeated efforts during the past 2 months to obtain release of these young men from military service have thus far been fruitless. It is respectfully requested that permission be granted to take up such cases by letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For the information of the Department a circular letter to all consulates informs them that future telegraphic requests for permission to leave Spain made on behalf of their nationals must be addressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.