124.52/241: Telegram

The Counselor of Embassy in Spain ( Thurston ), Then in France, to the Secretary of State

1217. Perpignan has no further significance vis-à-vis the Spanish Government and I believe no useful purpose would be served by my remaining here. The few subordinate Loyalist officials abandoned in [Page 744] Perpignan appear to be without instructions or information and do not, in my opinion, constitute a formal channel of contact between the Government and the Diplomatic Corps. The Government insofar as I am aware did not advise the Diplomatic Corps which had followed it here of its return to Spain or offer any suggestion as to the course to be followed by the Corps.

I respectfully recommend in view of the foregoing that I be authorized in my discretion to transfer this office to Saint Jean de Luz. We have found and begun documentation or examination of the American and alien volunteers now in concentration camps in this district but completion of this work could and perhaps should be left to our consular officials at Marseille.

I shall appreciate your early instructions.35

  1. By telegram No. 532, February 14, 6 p.m., the Department approved his recommendations.