124.521/175: Telegram

The Counselor of Embassy in Spain (Thurston) to the Secretary of State

1192. Matthews, of the New York Times, who left Barcelona early this morning, says the Llobregat line has collapsed and that the rebels are now in close proximity to the city. The covering defensives cannot possibly hold out through the day but this is not certain. I have talked by telephone with the Consulate General which says no disorder there although front cannon fire heard through night. I have sent Americans to the beach and they are in process of embarkation on the Badger. I shall next place Embassy and Consulate General files aboard the Omaha. As final hour seems near at hand I may go aboard the Omaha during the day with Colonel Cheadle, Palery, Gironda, Krieger, and Malone, and Caldwell and Denys of the telephone company. I shall thereafter delay departure pending an attempt to learn final plans of British and French representatives. When no further useful purpose can be served by remaining here I shall go to Marseille and disembark.24 If Government succeeds in setting itself up in the north I can, when its whereabouts is ascertained, go to it over the frontier.

But by [sic] de Mar and coast road now under active bombardment.

  1. In telegram of January 25, 8 p.m., the Counselor of Embassy reported that he had embarked on the Omaha and would arrive at Marseilie the next morning (124.521/176).