The Department of State to the Portuguese Legation


There is attached a list of products6 of which the United States has been the principal supplier of imports into Portugal, according to the official Portuguese trade statistics published in the Estatistica Comercial. A few items have been included of which the United States is not a major supplier for the entire classification, but for which it appears probable that upon further examination the United States would be found to be the principal supplier of certain products which could be readily separated from the remainder of the classification.

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This list serves in a general way to indicate the nature of the products of particular interest to the United States in Portuguese import trade. It is to be anticipated that, in the event trade-agreement negotiations should be undertaken, further study of the trade, including the representations received from private interests pursuant to the customary public announcement of intention to negotiate, would lead to the inclusion of some additional items and to the possible omission of some of the listed items, in the formulation of a definitive list of products on which the United States would propose to request concessions from Portugal.

It is not possible to formulate a definitive list of products on which concessions would be requested in such negotiations until after public notice of intention to negotiate a trade agreement is issued and opportunity is afforded to interested persons to submit information and views in regard to the proposed agreement.

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