860C.001 Moscicki, Ignacy/47: Telegram

The Minister in Rumania (Gunther) to the Secretary of State

379. My telegram 370, November 1, 3 p.m. The Rumanian Government has proposed to the German Government the submission of the case of ex-President Moscicki to the Hague Tribunal of 1907. No official reply has been received yet but I learn now that according to advices received from the Rumanian Minister at Berlin who has sounded the Government it is not disposed to consent as it does not wish to establish a precedent which might later be invoked by some other neutral state.

The high official of the Foreign Office who told me the above confided to me that fears were entertained here that due to the impasse on the western front Hitler might deem it psychologically necessary for German morale to score another easy victory by invading Rumania and that it had been intimated to the Rumanian Government, in a moment of irritation due to the evasion of vigilance by a number of Polish airmen that if this were done it would probably be with Russian cooperation. As Hitler has given away so many cards to the Russians elsewhere this [informant?] felt that Bessarabia and even the mouths of the Danube might be ceded. He added that he was confiding this to me only to show me that his Government had to continue to be especially cautious about ex-President Moscicki. The official in question who is a true Hungaraphobe feels that Hungary would gladly give passage to German troops in exchange for Transylvania and pay off Russia with the sub-Carpathanian-Ukraine.