860C.001 Moscicki, Ignacy/34: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Bullitt ) to the Secretary of State

2509. In talking with Coulondre60 today I gathered the impression that French efforts to obtain the release of President Moscicki, Beck and other members of the former Polish Government from Rumania were being carried out in a half-hearted manner.

I understand that the British Government is equally lukewarm in its efforts.

Both the British and French Governments seem to be lapsing to the position that since Moscicki, Beck and the others no longer have any official position, their fate is unimportant.

I feel personally that there is an issue of international decency involved which is not in the least unimportant and one that our Government should uphold in this case as in other similar cases which will arise during the present conflict.

  1. Robert Coulondre, Director of the Cabinet of the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs.