665.116/405: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy ( Phillips ) to the Secretary of State

33. The list of quotas for American imports into Italy in 1939 has been received. In general the quotas have been calculated upon the basis of article 8 included in the temporary commercial agreement5 and for the purposes of such calculations 1934 has again been chosen as the representative year.

The quotas for 18 commodities are less than would result from a strict application of the provisions of article 8 as was the case with similar items last year. These reductions calculated on the basis of customs import valuations in 1938 amount to approximately 52 million lire. In “compensation” quotas for 8 products have been increased by approximately 56 million lire. No quotas are granted for pork fat, bacon and zinc since the domestic production of these commodities has increased to such an extent as to render their importation “almost unnecessary” during the current year.

Full report and list of quotas by mail. Inform Commerce.

  1. For text of temporary commercial arrangement between the United States and Italy, signed December 16, 1937, see Department of State Executive Agreement Series No. 116, or 51 Stat 361. For correspondence, see Foreign Relations, 1937, vol. ii, pp. 435 ff.