851.711/372: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Bullitt ) to the Secretary of State

2596. Department’s 1304, October 25, noon. In accordance with your instruction we addressed an energetic written protest to the Foreign Office embodying content of your telegram under reference. At the same time we orally urged immediate action and a favorable reply for reasons which are or should be obvious.

The Foreign Office has just informed us that instructions have been given for the immediate release of the mail matter in question and its return to the shipping company. It is not possible for the French Government at the moment to disavow the seizure of the mail from the S. S. Excambion or to give assurances that such action will not be repeated until the question has been passed on by all the members of the blockade committee after consultation with the competent British authorities.

The Foreign Office asks that the Department understand that it is in entire sympathy with our views and hopes that a satisfactory reply will be forthcoming within 48 hours.