The Minister in Estonia (Wiley)2 to the Secretary of State

No. 163

Sir: I have the honor to report that M. Meri, who is in charge of economic affairs at the Estonian Foreign Office, took the occasion of my recent visit to Tallinn briefly to discuss American-Estonian commercial treaty relations.

The Department will recall that the present commercial treaty with Estonia went into force on May 22, 1926.3 On May 21, 1935 the Estonian Government notified the American Government of its intention to terminate the treaty as of May 22, 1936.4 This notice was withdrawn on April 22, 1936.5 On May 15, 1937 the Estonian Government in a note to the Legation at Tallinn extended the life of the treaty to May 22, 1938.6 On April 13, 1938 the Estonian Government informed the American Government that in view of present negotiations for a trade agreement between Estonia and the United States, the Estonian Government considered it “most practicable to extend the treaty actually in force until such time as an agreement between our respective governments could be reached but not later than the 22nd of May 1939”.7

M. Meri indicated that it had been the intention of the Estonian Government to seek additional tariff concessions from the American Government. Apparently Estonia has benefitted in the meantime through operation of the most-favored-nation clause from tariff concessions granted by the American Government to third states and in consequence the Estonian Government is in the course of reconsidering [Page 469] its position. Mr. Meri thought that the Estonian Government would probably withdraw its communication of April 13 last and would desire the continuation in force of the present commercial agreement as is.

I venture to suggest that if possible and convenient the Department inform the Legation at Tallinn whether it would acquiesce in the prolongation of the present commercial treaty. M. Meri stated that he would appreciate an intimation at an early date.

Respectfully yours,

John C. Wiley
  1. The Minister was accredited to Estonia and Latvia, with residence at Riga.
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