840.48 Refugees/1217: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Haiti ( Mayer )

2. Your 2, January 4, 1939, 1 p.m. As you know, we are very much interested in the development of opportunities for refugee colonization in any practicable area. We see grave objections, however, from racial, economic, and strategic points of view to large scale German Jewish colonization in thickly populated Haiti and particularly in the two areas you mention.

These objections do not apply to the same degree to such colonization as is reportedly contemplated in the Dominican Republic. Inasmuch as the Dominican Government has already indicated a willingness seriously to consider very large scale colonization and as the practical aspects of the matter are now being actively studied, it occurs to me that Mr. Goldsmith might be interested in directing his efforts in that direction. Should he be so interested, it is suggested that he get in touch with the interested organizations in New York, rather than communicate with the Dominican Government, in order to avoid the crossing of wires.