811.24 Raw Materials/155: Telegram

The Ambassador in Belgium (Davies) to the Secretary of State

69. Substance of Department’s telegram No. 29, May 19, conveyed to Belgian authorities who again requested definitive information as to amount of tin required. Understand that problem of providing storage for cotton and wheat acquired through exchange transaction is now receiving attention although perishable character of these materials is occasioning some concern as well as possible transportation difficulties in the event of war.

Camille Camus, Chef de Cabinet of the Minister of Colonies and representative of the Belgian Government on International Tin Cartel, plans to accompany Minister on brief journey to the United States leaving on steamship Normandie June 7. He informed Embassy today that official engagements might prevent him from going to London in order to see president of Cartel before leaving. I am urging Camille Camus to investigate London cartel situation prior to his departure and he promised to do so if possible. While in the United States will stay Hotel Ritz New York and will probably go to Washington. He stated that Belgium’s annual tin production quota is 15,000 tons of which only 7,000 tons is now commercially utilized leaving balance available. This production might be increased if necessary. He suggested that Cartel might consent to permit Belgium to make such deliveries over a term of years.

Despatch follows by next pouch.