The Belgian Ambassador ( Van der Straten-Ponthoz ) to the Secretary of State

D. 4151
No. 2884

Mr. Secretary of State: In conformity with instructions from my Government, I have the honor to notify Your Excellency of its agreement to the proposal to open negotiations with a view to the widening of the Trade Agreement of February 27, 1935,9a which Your Excellency was good enough to propose to me in the form of a memorandum dated May 19, 1939.

I shall advise Your Excellency later of the changes, in the list of products connected with our export trade to the United States (Annex A to the memorandum mentioned above), which my Government will have the honor to propose to you.

In addition, my Government has informed the United States Embassy at Brussels that it wishes to obtain complementary and definitive information regarding the list of products connected with American export trade to Belgium (Annex B of the memorandum mentioned above). My Government is pleased to believe that Your Excellency will be good enough to give it this information without delay, in consequence of the acceptance in principle which I have the honor to communicate to you. I shall be happy also to be put in possession of the information on this subject which Your Excellency may communicate to the Belgian Government.

I take [etc.]

R. V. Straten
  1. Department of State Executive Agreement Series No. 75, or 49 Stat. 3680.