The Secretary General of the League of Nations ( Avenol ) to the Secretary of State 1


Sir: I have the honour to inform you that, at its meeting on September 30th, 1938, the Assembly of the League of Nations adopted the following resolution concerning collaboration between the League and non-member States:

“The Assembly,

“Having noted the report submitted to it by the Committee of Twenty-eight on the Application on the Principles of the Covenant concerning the collaboration of non-member States in the work of the League;

“Recognising that since the foundation of the League a series of technical and non-political activities have been established of which the scope is in some cases worldwide:

“Reaffirms with approval that it has been the consistent policy of the League to invite the collaboration of non-member States in such work;

“Notes with satisfaction that the response to this invitation has steadily increased;

“Believes that it is in the universal interest that such collaboration be developed;

“Considers that any comment or suggestion for the wider development of such technical and non-political collaboration which non-member States may care to make would be welcomed by the Members of the League represented at the Assembly;

“Requests the Secretary-General to transmit this resolution to nonmember States.”

The Council, by a decision taken on the same day, September 30th, instructed me to transmit the said resolution to your Government.

I have the honour further to transmit to you, for information, a copy of the report2 referred to in the first paragraph of the above resolution.

I have [etc]

J. Avenol
  1. Transmitted to the Department by the Minister in Switzerland in his despatch No. 606, L. N. 309, October 19, 1938; received November 3.
  2. League of Nations document A.76.1938.VII., Geneva, September 29, 1938, not reprinted.