765.75/457: Telegram

The Minister in Greece ( MacVeagh ) to the Secretary of State

42. The Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs28 told me this morning that there will be no Greek mobilization for the moment and that the army units in Epirus are being reenforced only to the extent of one regiment to take care of any trouble arising from an influx of refugees. He said that his Government hopes the Italians will rest content with unseating Zog and establishing a so-called independent Albanian government under their control. If they go further than this the other Balkan states must be prepared to defend themselves even without outside help. He said that the British Government has given Greece no assurances of support in case of Italian attack.

Though a large British naval force is rumored to have arrived in Argostoli the British Naval Attaché is uninformed.

From other sources I learn that all army leaves have been canceled, that the Greek Fleet is concentrated in the Ionian sea; the army in Epirus is greater reenforced than Mr. Mavroudis indicated and that the authorities in Corfu have been ordered to resist Italian landing at all costs. The Greek press is reporting events fully without editorial comment. Repeated by mail to Rome and Belgrade.

  1. N. Mavroudis.