765.75/390: Telegram

The Minister in Albania ( Grant ) to the Secretary of State

12. According to reports not yet confirmed officially Italy has made six [sic] demands upon Albania, namely, (1) control of Albanian finances, (2) control of the gendarmerie, (3) control of the army, (4) control of the civil administration, (5) permission for Italian soldiers to guard the airdromes and reclaim swamps, (6) organization of Albanian youth by Italian military men, (7) a concession of minerals.

According to a further report the King refused categorically to make any concessions which would impair the integrity of Albanian independence and the existing regime but agreed to the organization of youth by Italian officers and offered to discuss the proposed economic conditions. The Italian Minister to Albania who is reported [Page 366] to have conveyed the King’s answer to his Government in Rome returned to Tirana today accompanied by General Sereggi recently appointed Albanian Minister to Rome to conduct negotiations with the Italians. There have been demonstrations in Tirana by Albanians urging resistance to the Italians and tonight the Albanian Minister of the Interior and the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made speeches from the balcony of the Palace and from the city hall urging the demonstrators to disperse and assuring them that necessary measures have been taken to handle the situation. There is an unconfirmed report this evening that Italian troops are expected to land at Valona during the night. It is reported on good authority that the King has decided to resist the Italians. Late this evening, however, the Foreign Minister said “for the moment there is nothing to worry about.”