811.24 Raw Materials/134: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in the Netherlands (Gordon)

43. The British Government is bringing before the International Rubber Committee, meeting in London today, the problem of arranging for special export quotas in connection with the proposed exchange of rubber and tin for cotton. You are requested to inform the Netherlands Government promptly that we would greatly appreciate any action it can take, through its representatives on both the rubber and tin committees, to facilitate arrangements for the proposed exchange between Great Britain and the United States. Such action would be welcome evidence of the desire of the Netherlands Government to cooperate in our efforts to secure reserves of strategic materials. It is particularly desirable in view of the inability of the Netherlands to enter into a direct exchange agreement with this Government.38

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As you know, we will insist that the tin and rubber to be supplied to this Government, for reserve stocks here, shall be new production entirely in addition to production required for the commercial market, and shall be covered by special export quotas over and above the quotas set for export to the commercial market. The British Government may prefer to draw the rubber and tin to be furnished this Government from British producing areas only. This position would have much to justify it.

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