641.116/2526: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Kennedy ) to the Secretary of State

2367. Department’s 1429, November 14, 6 p.m. Vigorous representations were made today to Overton of Board of Trade, with emphasis upon the seriousness of complete prohibition of such important products as apples and pears, as contrast with mere restriction, and the steadily undermining effect upon the trade agreement of the increasingly numerous measures of this character. The repercussions upon Canadian-American trade were learned with some surprise and apparent discomfiture.

Overton offered little defense other than the usual reference to war conditions and shortage of exchange but when it was pointed out that some hope of relaxation had previously been offered for later in the season, he promised that consideration would be given to that possibility.

The Board of Trade (import of goods prohibition order No. 8) tonight prohibited the importation, except under license, of fresh [Page 228] apples and pears, pepper, and apricot and peach kernels; order effective November 20, but goods despatched to United Kingdom before that date do not require license. The announcement states

“no applications will be entertained, until further notice, for import licenses in respect of these commodities, but as regards apples and pears and pepper, an open general license has been issued permitting importations from Empire countries until further notice. Arrangements are being made with the Canadian Government for a limitation of the shipments of apples from Canada to the United Kingdom during the remainder of the current season”.