711.008 North Pacific/417: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chairman of the Joint Committee for the Protection of Pacific Coast Fisheries (Miller Freeman)

I acknowledge receipt of your letter of October 2528 indicating your interest in receiving for presentation to the annual convention of the Association of Pacific Fisheries29 information covering any late developments with regard to alien fishing activities in the Bristol Bay area of Alaska.

While there have been no new developments in the Bristol Bay area of the Alaska salmon fishery the Department has nevertheless continued [Page 197] to give careful and continuous study to all available facts in regard to the special situation of this fishery and to the Alaska salmon fishery situation as a whole. In its further consideration of the problem in question, the Department is directing its efforts toward the end that any future measures it may become necessary or practicable to adopt for the purpose of regulation and protection of the Alaska salmon fishery shall be responsive to the special requirements of those dependent upon our coastal fishery resources either for employment or for their economic welfare.

I take this occasion to express hearty appreciation of the valuable cooperation extended to the Department by individuals and organizations identified with the fishing industry, and especially of the constant and practical assistance afforded by your Committee. I trust that the future efforts of the Department with regard to the fishery problems of the Pacific will, in the interest of all concerned, be supported by the same measure of generous cooperation.

Cordell Hull
  1. Not printed.
  2. At Del Monte, California.