882.635 Neep/12: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Liberia (Walton)

27. Personal for the Minister from McBride. I have received in confidence the following information regarding Neep:

“Neep joint stock company, incorporated in Amsterdam December 2, 1929, with nominal fully paid in capital florins 50,000 in 50 bearer shares each florins 1000. Four directors, all residing Amsterdam, one of whom Karl Ginsberg, German subject, born Breslau and associates of whom all named Bloch born Upper Silesia, originally German subjects, but naturalized January 4, 1937, as subject[s] of Liechtenstein. Four proxies, all German subjects.

D. Caffe, Netherlander, address Kadegold does not appear as officer or proxy Neep but is said to have been in Monrovia as late as July 20, 1937. He may be authorized representative of Neep in Liberia.”

Since the foregoing appears to indicate a complete absence of well established Netherlands interest in Neep, the points made in paragraph numbered 2 of my telegram 26 of October 26 take on added importance.[McBride.]