882.00 General Conditions/5

The Minister in Liberia (Walton) to the Secretary of State

No. 138

Sir: I have the honor to enclose herewith a report on general conditions in Liberia during the past month.

Respectfully yours,

Lester A. Walton

Report on General Conditions in Liberia During September

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II. International Economic

1. Germany Offers to Exploit Liberia’s Forest Reserves

The Liberian Government has received an unofficial proposal from the German Government in which the latter offers to cooperate in the exploitation of Liberia’s valuable timber lands by sending from the German Forestry Division an expert to assume full supervision of this phase of governmental activity.

The German Government is willing to pay the salary of the Forestry expert if the Liberian Government will provide him with quarters and food and a force of 30 laborers.

During the month of July, Mr. Kurt Woermann, one of the proprietors of A. Woermann and Company, visited Liberia. While in Monrovia, he called on President Barclay and discussed the possibility of his firm making large purchases of Liberian products, particularly palm kernels. In the course of the conversation the timeliness of exploiting Liberian timber was mentioned. Mr. Woermann gave the impression that his company would gladly explore the commercial possibilities of a foreign market for Liberian woods.

President Barclay was, therefore, greatly surprised to receive a letter from Mr. Woermann under date of August 26, in which the writer stated he had taken up the matter with the German Government which was prepared to send to Liberia one of its experts from the German Forestry Division. Mr. Woermann further stated that Germany would be pleased to cooperate with Liberia on all economic matters in a spirit of amity, and suggested that President Barclay confer with the German Consul General at Monrovia relative to the forestry proposal.

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President Barclay, through his private secretary, acknowledged receipt of the letter, promising to give the matter due consideration.

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