411.60131/61: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Estonia (Leonard)

4. It is apparent that it will be impossible to conclude and bring into force a treaty amending the Treaty of Friendship, Commerce, and Consular Rights between the United States and Estonia, on or before May 22, 1937, the date upon which that treaty will terminate as a result of the action notified by the Estonian Government in its note of April 22, 1936, to the Legation at Tallinn. You are therefore requested to approach the Estonian Government with a view to having it withdraw on some date prior to May 21, 1937, its notice of intention to modify the treaty as notified in its note of April 22, 1936, and, if it so desires, give a new notice of intention to modify the treaty on May 22, 1938, thereby extending the life of the treaty for 1 year.

When you present your note at the Foreign Office you should say that your Government has been reluctant to request the Estonian Government to withdraw for a second time its notification of intention to modify the existing treaty but that it is obvious that there will not be sufficient time prior to May 22, 1937, to give adequate consideration to the draft treaty which Mr. Wirgo on March 15, 1937, informed Mr. Lane would be submitted by the Estonian Government. You will have in mind, of course, that possible further prolongation of the life of the treaty has been envisaged by both Governments and that it was discussed by Mr. Lane and Mr. Wirgo last month.