810.00B/112: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Nicaragua ( Long )

134. Legation’s 234, November 26, noon.88 You are requested to submit the following memorandum to the Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs:

The Legation is instructed to make the following reply to the confidential memorandum of the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs dated November 24, 1936:

[Page 854]

With reference to the third paragraph of this memorandum the Government of the United States sincerely hopes that the hypothetical contingency referred to therein will never arise and believes that if there are differences which might lead to such a contingency an endeavor should be made to arrive at a satisfactory adjustment by friendly negotiation between the parties concerned. The Government of the United States is happily at peace with and has the most friendly relations with every one of the other American republics, and will direct its efforts to continuing and strengthening those friendly relations with all.

In delivering this memorandum to the Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs you should orally make it wholly clear that the step contemplated by the Nicaraguan Government is one which that Government will have to determine for itself as well consequently as one upon which the Government of the United States has no comment to make. You may then merely add that your Government assumes of course that the Nicaraguan Government fully realizes the gravity of the step under consideration.

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