The Chargé in Nicaragua ( Ray ) to the Secretary of State

No. 344

Sir: I have the honor to refer to my despatch No. 340 of November 24, 1936,86 and to transmit herewith copies of the communication referred [Page 852] to in my telegram No. 234 of November 26, 12 noon,86a together with a translation thereof.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs explained to me that he hoped the memorandum would be considered in the same light as if it were a formal note, but what he wanted to keep it strictly confidential and did not wish even the members of his office to know of the contents; for that reason, he said, he had presented an unnumbered memorandum which he had prepared himself.

Respectfully yours,

Gut W. Ray

The Nicaraguan Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs ( Ramirez Brown ) to the American Chargé ( Ray )


The Government of Nicaragua has been able to ascertain the existence in the nation of certain communistic organizations connected with other international organizations; and as it considers those pernicious doctrines a real menace of destruction and social anarchy it has the firm and decided intention to oppose with all energy their dissemination and to annihilate drastically the germs of communism which are appearing.
For that purpose the President of the Republic through the initiative of General Anastasio Somoza,87 candidate to the Presidency of Nicaragua for the Nationalist Liberal and Conservative Parties, has proposed informally to the Government of the other states of Central America the formation of a defensive alliance against communism. The Central American Governments have expressed their agreement in general terms to the organization of that common anti-communist front and the Government of Nicaragua therefore is undertaking to initiate formal action to bring this salutary plan into effect.
It is desired to know the opinion of the Department of State of the United States of America on this subject; and what would be the attitude of the United States of America in case, as a consequence of this anti-communistic campaign, Nicaragua should be attacked (molestada) by some large nation on the continent either directly or by supporting some revolutionary movement with arms or tangible forces.
G. R[amirez] B[rown]
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  3. Director of the Nicaraguan National Guard.