817.00/8427: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Nicaragua (Long)

72. Your 138, May 28, 9 p.m. Please express to President Sacasa the deep appreciation of this Government of his expression of friendship which the Government of the United States warmly reciprocates. The long continued ties of friendship between the two countries constitute an especial reason for the deep regret with which this Government has learned of the recent disturbances in the public order of Nicaragua.

However, with specific respect to the suggestion made by President Sacasa that this Government might see its way to sending a naval vessel temporarily to the east coast of Nicaragua, I am sure that President Sacasa will recognize the justice of the conviction of this Government that the responsibility for maintaining order in Nicaraguan territory must be borne by the Nicaraguan authorities themselves, and that under similar conditions in some other republic of this continent, the Government of the United States would be unwilling to take the steps suggested. If there is any belief on the part of President Sacasa that arms and ammunition are being exported from the territory of the United States in violation of existing United States statutes for the purpose of promoting revolutionary activities in Nicaragua, this Government would appreciate having all pertinent information at the earliest opportunity.

In conclusion, you should inform the President that while this Government hopes earnestly that in the continued negotiations between [Page 825] the President, the political leaders, and the present military authorities a peaceful solution of the present serious crisis may be obtained, the Government of the United States cannot consent to take any action which would in reality constitute any form of interference in the strictly domestic concerns of the Nicaraguan people.

Your 140, May 29, noon.67 You may communicate the pertinent portions of the foregoing to General Chamorro.

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