817.00/8427: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua ( Long ) to the Secretary of State

138. President Sacasa requests that a small naval vessel be sent temporarily to the east coast. He is considering closing the ports [Page 823] of that coast because of (1) the advent of Communists and agitators; (2) the desire to prevent possible seizure of goods.

The President believes that the presence of the vessel would enable him to delay action in closing of ports.

Up until now the bank and the customhouse at Bluefields have not been attacked but the President believes that it is only a matter of time until they will be endangered despite Somoza’s order for their protection because of the latter’s need for funds.

Based upon the foregoing, President Sacasa reaffirmed his great friendship for the United States and expressed the hope that, as we had not been able to grant some other of his requests, it may be possible to accede in this case.