817.00/8405: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua (Long) to the Secretary of State

118. Last Monday the Salvadorean Minister who is Dean of the Diplomatic Corps called and after giving his analysis of the political situation expressed the view that sane Nicaraguan public opinion is with the Sacasa administration whereas the extremists and radicals are with Somoza, adding that it is so dangerous for the Somoza element to come into power that he thinks his country might lend Sacasa some aid provided it would not meet with our disapproval.

Yesterday Minister Miranda requested me to advise the Department of what he had said on Monday as it appears improbable that the Salvadorean Minister at Washington may take up the matter with the Department. It is Miranda’s idea that Somoza has most of the arms and ammunition of the country and that the Sacasa administration is in the embarrassing position of being unable to preserve constituted government, unless given friendly aid.