817.00/8388: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua ( Long ) to the Secretary of State

103. Department’s telegram No. 57, March 28, 2 p.m. My reports indicate, as you conclude, continuation of a situation which has existed [Page 819] for some time, including differences between the Loma61 and the Jefe Director.62 However, within the last few days the differences included the officials of the Guardia, as indicated in my despatch No. 18.63 Some 60 of these officials in open meeting considered refusing to obey the President’s orders. This situation threatened an immediate rupture and, while not as dramatic as the recent riot during the gasoline crisis, was really dangerous.

At the conference in question I made it clear that I was present only by urgent request of the President and that there had been no change in my Government’s policy of nonintervention or interference in the internal affairs of Nicaragua and that I was there in the hope that order might be maintained for the protection of lives and property of Americans and other foreigners. The discussion took place between the President, Somoza, and Dr. de Bayle and it was understood that differences which had produced the ruction would be harmoniously settled. Being familiar with the Department’s instructions contained in the telegram under acknowledgement, I shall be guided by the policy laid down.

  1. Presidential Palace.
  2. Commander of the Guardia.
  3. March 28, not printed. It reported a meeting at which President Sacasa received General Somoza (Commander of the Guardia), Dr. Luis H. De Bayle (father-in-law of General Somoza), and the American Minister, Boaz Long. Disagreements between President Sacasa and General Somoza were discussed (817.00/8392).