611.1731/157: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua (Lane) to the Secretary of State

35. With reference to my telephone conversation21 this morning with Duggan, a translation of Schedule 222 supplied me yesterday by the Minister of Hacienda follows:

Duty free articles: coffee, ginned cotton, cocoa, copra (from cocoa-nut or other palm trees), bananas and plantains, raw cattle hides, ipecac roots, wood in logs, dye woods, gold and silver, lizard hides and skins (amphibian or reptiles of other types), tortoises, rubber, or caoutchouc, annatto (bixaorellana), sarsaparilla, raw chicle, peanut cocoa (cacao mani), cocoanuts, cashew nuts (nueces de maranon), fresh fruits, and all other articles not specifically mentioned in this list which may be duty free according to the United States Customs tariffs in force at the time of the signature of this agreement.

[Page 796]

Sugar. United States dollars 1.1925 (duty) per 100 pounds of sugar 100 degrees polarization up to 8000 tons a year for 6 consecutive years.

Articles the duty on which will be lowered: sawed wood of all classes and leather articles produced and manufactured in Nicaragua, 25 per cent; hides, indigo (anil) and balsam, 50 per cent; palm oils (de corozo or other analogous palms), 20 per cent.

The above information is contained in my despatch No. 1291 of February 23, 1936,23 which should reach Department Wednesday.

  1. Memorandum of conversation not printed.
  2. Schedule II is list of tariff concessions to be made by the United States on articles imported from Nicaragua.
  3. Not printed.