The Secretary of State to Representative John J. Cochran

My Dear Mr. Cochran: I have received your letter of May twenty-first,77 enclosing a copy of a resolution, forwarded to you by Mr. A. W. Powers, 3547 Olive Street, St. Louis, Missouri, which was adopted May 15, 1936, by the Missouri State Council of the Knights of Columbus.

Notwithstanding the altogether definite policies and views entertained in this country on the subject mentioned, I know you are aware that as other nations are recognized as being entitled to regulate for themselves their internal religious conditions in such manner as they may deem proper, our Government is without authority to determine or affect the situation in Mexico. Any attempted exercise of such authority would represent an act of intervention not warranted by the principles of international law. You are doubtless familiar with the recent utterances of the President respecting the matter of religious intolerance.

Sincerely yours,

Cordell Hull
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