812.52/2008: Telegram

The Consul at Torreón (Park) to the Secretary of State

In reply to Department’s telegram,12 three Americans have cultivated lands amounting to 3,321 acres, fourth has 10,621 acres chiefly uncultivated. Approximate value of the four properties $234,000, principal crop cotton. Also American stockholders have about a one-third interest in British-controlled property of approximately 136,000 acres valued at slightly less than $2,000,000 one-eighth average acreage cultivated cotton and wheat.

Subsidiary of Anderson Clayton and Company having bank and cotton brokerage office in Torreon states if agrarian dotations were likely at this time its interests imperilled for anticipated loss of $4,800,000. Report by mail will be made.

  1. Telegram of October 1, 1936, 2 p.m. which read as follows: “Your despatch No. 325 September 24. Report briefly by telegraph and follow by mail extent and nature of American interests in lands which may be affected by agrarian dotations.” (812.52/2006)