724.34119/552: Telegram

The Chargé in Argentina ( Cox ) to the Secretary of State

159. From Braden. My 157, August 7, 9 p.m.

Drafts of two resolutions and a Conference act covering verbal agreements described in my telegram under reference were approved by Elío37 and cabled by him to La Paz for final approval. Soler38 [Page 58] likewise entirely approved. Ramírez,39 however, while approving measures for repatriation and renewal of diplomatic relations denied having agreed to other provisions despite unanimous testimony of ten mediatory delegates and his own colleague. Ramírez’ reversal makes it clear Paraguayan Government will not readily consent to Conference assuming control of the neutral zone.
Undoubtedly the principal reason for Paraguayan resistance on this point is that they hope to retain control of the Villa Montes Road as a trading element in the final territorial negotiations. We are endeavoring to convince the Paraguayans of the unwisdom and danger involved in such a policy but it may become desirable for the Conference to consider the passage by the mediatory delegates of a resolution whereby it would assume sole control of the neutral zone, basing this action on the pertinent provisions of the two protocols. [Braden.]
  1. Tomás Manuel Elío, Bolivian delegate to the Chaco Peace Conference.
  2. Miguel Angel Soler, Paraguayan delegate.
  3. J. Isidro Ramírez, Paraguayan delegate.