815.00/4683: Telegram

The Minister in Honduras (Keena) to the Secretary of State

34. I have received a formal note from the Minister for Foreign Relations reporting in summary the calling of the Constitutional Assembly by Act of Congress on the request of all municipal governments in Honduras, the signing on March 28th of the new Constitution1 approved by that Assembly and the extension of the term of office of President Carias to January 1, 1943, by approved resolution of the Assembly (see despatch No. 328 of March 24th2).

Following this recital the concluding paragraph in substance affirms the desire of the Conservative Party3 to maintain and consolidate friendly relations with the United States and expresses the hope that he may count on my cooperation.

May I acknowledge this note along the general lines of note number 58 dated September 13, 1935, from the American Chargé d’Affaires in Guatemala4 to the Guatemalan note of July 17, 1935?5

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  3. By despatch No. 370, April 29, from the Minister in Honduras, the words “Conservative Party” were corrected to read “President” (815.00/4695).
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