Memorandum of Telephone Conversation, by the Chief of the Division of Latin American Affairs (Duggan)

I telephoned Mr. de la Rue in New York and gave him the contents of telegram No. 17 of March 25 from the Legation at Port au Prince. With regard to the first paragraph of this telegram, Mr. de la Rue stated that he had previously written Pixley suggesting the advisability of a representative of Chase & Sanborn going to Haiti to test coffees, set up a grading system, and give advice regarding the preparation of coffee for shipment. Pixley’s telegram referred to in Mr. Gordon’s telegram stated concurrence with this suggestion. Mr. de la Rue said that he hoped this arrangement could be worked out quickly and was advising Mr. Pixley of the necessary steps to be taken in Haiti.

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With regard to paragraph two of Mr. Gordon’s telegram, Mr. de la Rue said that he had sent an air mail letter yesterday informing Pixley that it would be preferable for President Vincent to wait until after Mr. de la Rue had seen the head of the buying department of Chase and Sanborn, who is now en route from Panama to the United States.

Laurence Duggan