838.51/3252: Telegram

The Minister in Haiti (Gordon) to the Secretary of State

66. Department’s instruction 438 of December 16. On page 5 of memorandum of organization 7 and 8 lines from bottom I suggest eliminating the phrase “In order that a counter-check on the audit sub-section may be obtained as to the total amount of all disbursements.” The counter-check is only an incidental result of the classification of expenditures here-mentioned and not the reason therefor.

On page 6 in lines 5 and 6 of paragraph numbered “4” I suggest eliminating the words “by the statistical sub-section.” As far as I am aware there is no statistical sub-section in the credit and disbursing section and the monthly bulletin and annual report are prepared in the section of legal advice, economic reports, and statistics on page 4 of the list of salaries of personnel attached to the memorandum plan of organization. In lines 8, 9, and 10 I do not understand the phrase “vacations and also services allowable to foreign employees both under the bank regulations and under the present regulations of the Government.” It would not seem that vacations and services should occasion expenditures and under the new regime it seems doubtful whether the expenditures here envisaged should be confined to foreign employees.

As soon as a reply is received to this telegram and to my No. 65, December 21, noon, I shall submit documents to Léger.