838.51/3224: Telegram

The Minister in Haiti (Gordon) to the Secretary of State

55. Department’s telegram No. 29, November 12, 6 p.m. If the Department perceives no objection I think it would be better to submit the drafts to Léger next week under cover of a formal written note rather than merely accompanied by oral communications. This note would set forth the subject matter of the last paragraph of the Department’s telegram reference, and I think it should also state that it is my Government’s understanding that the legislation referred to in the protocol and note will of course be submitted to the Legation for examination prior to enactment. I think it would also be well that the note should explain our suggestion as to the date upon which the protocol will come into effect as set forth in the first full paragraph on page 2 of the Department’s instruction number 423 of October 28.30

  1. Not printed.