838.51/3202: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Haiti ( Gordon )

23. Your 46, October 27, 1 p.m., Section 1. The Haitian Minister today approached the Department and stated that his Government desired to proceed with the negotiation of an agreement for terminating the present financial arrangement. The Minister was informed of this Government’s readiness to proceed, and that you would be instructed to undertake negotiations in the immediate future.

In the open air mail the Department is forwarding today an instruction containing suggested texts of the protocol and annexed note.21 If you are in agreement with these drafts and the suggested procedure for negotiating the protocol, the Department will authorize you by telegram to initiate the negotiations at once.

  1. Instruction No. 423, October 28, 1936, and enclosures not printed. For text of draft protocol and draft note as presented to Haitian Government with changes agreed upon between the Department of State and the Legation in Haiti by an exchange of correspondence, not printed, see enclosures to despatch No. 346, November 18, 1936, from the Minister in Haiti, p. 621.