The Chargé in Guatemala ( O’Donoghue ) to the Secretary of State

No. 924

Sir: Supplementing the Legation’s telegram No. 25 of today’s date, I have the honor to report that the Commercial Attaché and I called on the Minister of Hacienda this morning with particular reference to the Department’s telegram No. 16 of March 21. The Minister agreed to the deletion of the words “the exporter” in the first paragraph of Article XIII and to the insertion therein of “made in the country of export” providing the wording of the paragraph in question followed that quoted in the Legation’s telegram No. 24 of March 21. The Spanish of “made in the country of export” as desired by the Minister of Hacienda reads “extendida en el país exportador”. The Minister also stated that in order to avoid redundancy he felt it would be better to eliminate the word “original” in the same paragraph.

[Page 596]

The Minister also agreed to the removal of “special” in Notes I and II and the substitution therefor of the word “other”.

Respectfully yours,

Sidney E. O’Donoghue