Memorandum by the Chief of the Division of Latin American Affairs (Duggan)

I saw the Minister of Ecuador8 yesterday and inquired regarding the proposed commercial modus vivendi. Captain Alfaro, who was away at the time the modus vivendi was forwarded to the Legation here, said that he was not familiar with the matter but that he would look into it.

Captain Alfaro came in today and stated that he had looked into the correspondence of the Legation and found that the modus vivendi had been forwarded to the Minister of Foreign Relations of Ecuador promptly. No reply or comment has yet been received. Captain Alfaro said that he would send an air mail letter on Monday requesting information as to the attitude of the Minister of Foreign Relations with regard to the modus vivendi, and that he would send another air mail letter later on next week enclosing copies of all the trade agreements signed and proclaimed.

I believe that Captain Alfaro will press this matter. He is a close personal friend of the Minister of Foreign Relations, having been in the Ecuadoran Army with him and served abroad with him in various capacities. I do not believe that any protest should be made to the Ecuadoran Government with regard to the recently concluded German-Ecuadoran agreement until after some indication is received of the attitude of the Ecuadoran Government towards the modus vivendi.

Laurence Duggan
  1. Colón Eloy Alfaro.