The Secretary of State to the Minister in the Dominican Republic ( Schoenfeld )

No. 427

Sir: With reference to your telegram No. 12 of April 22, 1936,54 reporting the appearance in the local press of an article announcing that the Dominican Chamber of Deputies had passed, and that the Senate was considering, a bill transferring for irrigation purposes $225,000.00 from the $600,000.00 appropriated in the 1936 Dominican budget for the payment of floating debt claims, there is transmitted herewith a note which you will please address to the Minister of Foreign Affairs on this subject.

Very truly yours,

For the Secretary of State:
Sumner Welles

Draft of Note To Be Addressed to the Dominican Minister for Foreign Affairs (Bonetti Burgos)

Excellency: I have the honor to inform Your Excellency that I have duly informed my Government of an article appearing in the local press of April 21, 1936, reporting a project of law now before the National Legislature transferring for irrigation purpose the sum of $225,000 from the $600,000 appropriated in the 1936 budget for the payment of floating debt claims and I have been instructed by my Government again to call attention to the repeated assurances of the Dominican Government that at least certain floating debt claims of American citizens would be properly provided for and to express to [Page 463] Your Excellency the assumption of my Government that in the event the transfer of such funds is made as contemplated in the project of law, it will in no way interfere with or delay the payment of just debts now due American claimants. My Government has instructed me to state that it would appreciate confirmation of this assumption.

Accept [etc.]

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