Memorandum by the Chief of the Division of Latin American Affairs (Duggan)

At my request the Dominican Minister called. I informed him that the Department was puzzled by the delay in according to similar American products the rates recently accorded certain French products, because of the very explicit language of the exchange of notes of September 25, 1924, between the United States and the Dominican Republic by which each country accorded unconditional most-favored-nation treatment in customs matters to the other country. I read the Minister the pertinent provisions of the exchange of notes. I reminded the Minister that this country was according the Dominican Republic the benefits of trade agreements concluded with other countries. I also said that action by the Dominican Government to extend the French rates to similar American products would be in accordance with the resolution adopted at the Montevideo Conference in 1933, for which the Dominican delegation had voted. I concluded by saying that the attitude of this Government with regard to trade agreement negotiations with the Dominican Republic could not help but be influenced by the attitude of the Dominican Government with regard to the extension of the French rates to American products.

The Minister said that he would take the matter up with his Government at once. I informed him that the Legation had discussed the matter on several occasions with the Foreign Office, but that no reply had been made to these representations.

Laurence Duggan