611.1831/139: Telegram

The Chargé in Costa Rica ( Collins ) to the Secretary of States

75. Department’s telegram No. 56, November 20, 6 p.m. I had frank and full discussion with the Acting Foreign Minister tonight. While he would have liked liquor concessions and I gather would ultimately have come to 50 centimos to get them, he feels and I agree with him that even a day’s delay would be dangerous under the circumstances. In order to forestall an almost certain blast from ex-President Jiménez in Sunday papers and to damp [en] growing contentiousness immediately the Government strongly desires to announce to the press tomorrow afternoon that agreement has been reached. Further it desires to be able to say that it got better terms on lard than Jiménez when President was willing to accept. Accordingly the Minister asked for 55 centimos with immediate action and abandoned liquor. I assented and agreed to transmit this tonight with strong recommendation for immediate approval, such approval should reach me not later than early afternoon Saturday to make possible press release in time for Sunday morning papers.

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As a gesture of good will on eve of complete revision of Costa Rican tariff and in order to strengthen the agreement in Congress I would suggest that if practicable we make a present of the liquor concessions early next week.

Elimination of binding of provisions relative to vegetable oil lard, et cetera, definitely agreed to.

The Minister desires to correct a few verbal infelicities in the Spanish text. I will telegraph these tomorrow.

Does the Department desire by air mail copies of the schedules embodying the changes that have been made?