810.79611 T. N. T. Airlines/297

Memorandum by the Chief of the Office of Arms and Munitions Control (Green)

The Secretary informed me yesterday that, in view of the considerations set forth in Mr. Welles’s memorandum of March 4, he had decided not to recommend to the President that he formally revoke the exequatur of the Bolivian Consul General in New York. The Secretary added that he wished it recorded that his decision to permit the Bolivian Government to recall the Consul General instead of having his exequatur revoked was made because of the effect which the latter action might have upon relations between the United States and Bolivia at this time when an anti-American press campaign in that country might have far reaching detrimental consequences. The Secretary said that his decision not to recommend the revocation of the exequatur in these particular circumstances was not to be considered as a precedent to be invoked in case other consular officers should become involved in violations of the law, such as those in which the Bolivian Consul General has been involved.

Joseph C. Green