824.01/40: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina (Weddell) to the Secretary of State

109. From Braden. Chairman of Peace Conference today received a telegram from the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the new Bolivian regime announcing assumption of Government by Junta and making formal declaration that Buenos Aires protocols and all other existing treaties to which Bolivia is a party will be respected strictly.

At meeting of Executive Committee this afternoon consensus of opinion was that recognition probably might be accorded by the six mediating nations within a few days and should be approximately simultaneous and as nearly as possible by identic notes. Chilean delegate stated he had received instructions to recommend that recognition be granted in this manner as soon as possible. I should appreciate the Department’s instructions.

There seems to be no reason for change in the Government to affect repatriation of prisoners. However, for technical reasons involving change in train schedules previously requested by Bolivia, despatch of next contingent of prisoners from Asunción will be delayed one week. [Braden.]