835.6363/453a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Argentina (Cox)

116. The Standard Oil Company has informed the Department that the petroleum companies in Argentina are urgently requesting the Argentine Government to grant a sufficient extension of time to permit Harden27 arriving in Buenos Aires September 19 to discuss “comprehensive solution” of the petroleum question. The Standard Oil Company has requested the Department to request from the Argentine Government an extension of the time limit for acceptance of the proposed marketing agreement beyond September 20, the date set for final acceptance of the marketing arrangement proposed by the Y.P.F.

The company states that it sees no reason why the Government should not grant this request since under existing decree the Government has the control of petroleum importations for the balance of [Page 194] the present year and can also assure the marketing status quo through the provisional agreement.

The company has been informed that the Department considers that it would be somewhat premature for the Embassy to make a request for extension of the time limit at this time pending the outcome of the company’s negotiations directed to the same end.

Please keep the Department fully informed by telegram of the results of the company’s request and also of any instructions which the British Embassy may receive to support the Shell-Mex.

  1. Vice President of the Standard Oil Co.