810.154/112: Telegram

The Minister in Costa Rica ( Sack ) to the Secretary of State

89. Referring to despatch No. 1288 of November 13, 1936 and note number 489B of the Government of Costa Rica of September 10 (enclosure No. 2 of despatch No. 1262) Minister of Public Works Pacheco today at informal conference with Brown and me urged early answer to note in order that road building machinery to be furnished by the United States can be ordered. Pacheco asserted that this Government is anxious to push construction and he said Costa Rica will furnish necessary local materials and labor.

For the Department’s information. 1. Instrument survey of route to San Marcos now being made by inter-American engineers; (2) Costa Rican Government actually building portion of San Marcos road leading out of city of Cartago; (3) Costa Rican Government also constructing small stretch inter-American highway northward between towns San Ramon and Palmera.

Respectfully request early decision by my Government in order that advantage can be taken of favorable sentiment.