The Chargé in Guatemala (O’Donoghue) to the Secretary of State

No. 978

Sir: Adverting to the Legation’s despatch No. 943, of April 13, 1936, in connection with the Inter-American Highway, I have the honor to report that Mr. D. Tucker Brown, of the Bureau of Public Roads, was in Guatemala recently and during the course of his stay here had an interview with the Minister of Agriculture relative to further work on the Highway in addition to that already contemplated. Mr. Brown told me that the Minister had agreed to withdraw his request for the construction of a bridge over the Panajachel River, near the village of Tzanjuyú (Lake Atitlan) and that he was in entire accord with the work suggested by Mr. E. W. James, also of the Bureau of Public Roads, for certain bridge work “from Asunción Mita by way of the proposed Tamazulapa Bridge to the Salva-doran line”.

I had occasion today to see the Minister of Agriculture and mentioned the above to him whereupon he confirmed the fact that the work which the Bureau of Public Roads would prefer to undertake would be acceptable to him and to the Government of Guatemala.

Respectfully yours,

Sidney E. O’Donoghue