The Minister in Costa Rica ( Sack ) to the Secretary of State

No. 1083

Sir: In continuation of my despatch No. 1082, of April 4, 1936, and in accordance with the request contained in the Department’s telegram No. 14, of March 30, 1936, to report the results of conversations between Mr. E. W. James of the Bureau of Public Roads and myself with the appropriate authorities of the Government of Costa Rica, I have the honor to attach a memorandum9 written by me on [Page 161] yesterday afternoon following our conversations with the Foreign Minister, Mr. Gurdián, and the Minister of Public Works, Mr. Pacheco.

The Department will note that the two Cabinet officers again explained why there has been delay in Costa Rica in the formal acceptance of the offer of the United States to assist in the construction of certain bridges along the route of the proposed Inter-American Highway.

The Department will also note from my memorandum that Foreign Minister Gurdián assured us that in his opinion the incoming administration of President-elect Cortés will act affirmatively on the offer of the United States within a month after it takes office on May 8. It is my opinion that this affirmative action may occur even sooner. In any event, however, I feel confident that the Government of President-elect Cortés will accept the offer of the United States just as soon as it is legislatively possible, bearing in mind, of course, that the Costa Rican Government feels that the acquiescence of the Congress is necessary before it can pledge itself to the expenditure of the funds necessary for cooperation with the Government of the United States.

Respectfully yours,

Leo R. Sack
  1. Not printed.